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Becky Fairclough


ME: A Background

My name is Becky Haywood (previously Fairclough) and I have just moved to Shropshire, UK with my husband and our three kitties. Previously a database "geek", I am a glass-a-holic and love to play with any type of glass, although my main passion is hot glass as I really enjoy working with the glass in such an immediate "alive" way. I graduated in 2009 with a BA hons 3D Design: Glass.

Lampworking I discovered as an accessible way to play with glass and became hooked by it . I have been lucky enough to have been on a couple of bead making courses run by Diana East and to be part of a neon glass masterclass run by Wayne Strattman as part of the International Festival of Glass and to have taken classes with Sarah Hornick, Julie Anne Denton, Claudia Trimbur Pagel, Gianni Toso, and Luccio Bubacco.


I use Effetre, Vetrofond, and Lauscha glasses as well as some of the reactive glasses from Double Helix glass in my beads. Just occasionally you might see some borosilicate beads sneaking in too :)


I have my own studio at my home where I make all my beads. All my beads are put into an electronically controlled kiln as soon as they are finished being worked in the flame and annealed to remove any stresses that may have occurred whilst they were being created they are then cooled slowly to keep them stress free. Once the beads come out of the kiln they are all thoroughly cleaned to remove any traces of the bead release used in the making process.

I am a member of the Self Representing Artists organisation

SRA Member


My jewellery is designed and handcrafted by me, I have been jewellery making with precious metals for around 18 years now. I currently use sterling silver and enjoy working with both wire and sheet. I sometimes include sterling silver beads, semi precious stones or Swarovski crystals in my designs as well as my own handcrafted lampworked glass beads. All Jewellery comes gift boxed.


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I am happy to undertake commissions, if you are interested in having something made either in glass or silver or a combination please send me an email with details of what you would like and I can let you know prices and timescales for it.

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